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Mobile Devices and Cell Phone Chat Rooms

Updated: February 22, 2012 - 5:23 PM

Cell phone showing chat roomWhile people have been using their cell phones to send text messages to friends and relatives for years, technology companies and carriers are expanding this ability to unite people with friends and strangers.

Sending text messages is something from the past now that chat rooms are being integrated into cell phones. You can interact with people who share similar interests, enabling you to make new friends fast and easy. Chat topics range from sports, politics, technology, to teen and fan club chats.

Chat rooms, once a bastion of the personal computer, have exploded on cell phones. The experience of typing in messages to friends, or hooking up with potential new ones is being replicated in the mobile world.

Instead of sending text or e-mail messages to friends via cell phone, mobile chat rooms let users interact with people of similar interests, for example snowboarding or local bands. It's different from sending a text message to someone you know, as messages in chat rooms appear on the cell phones of all users in that particular room.

Today there are approximately 10 million users that use the chat rooms on their cell phones. If you have a web enabled cell phone you will find teenagers chatting in an Internet chat room program for cellphones that has rapidly swept through the country and gained well over 900,000 users in just over a year. The cell phone chat rooms growth is estimated at 6,500 new users registering per day, and the attraction, especially for teenagers, is the reduced cost of just two cents a message - statistics released by Clockspeed Mobile, the company that developed the chat program.

Many cell phone chat rooms where you dial a number are free to join but you may have to pay long distance. If you have free long distance on your cell phone (or home phone for that matter) then just use your free minutes. If you have free nights and weekends then it's completely free! Nights and weekends are the busiest times for these and they can be busy sometimes.

Lately, mobile social networking has become very popular. In most mobile communities, mobile phone users can now create their own profiles, make friends, participate in chat rooms, create chat rooms, hold private conversations, share photos and videos, and share blogs by using their mobile phone.

Most of the latest cell phones with Internet connection permit you to chat with your friends and family using IM+ an All-in-One Instant Mobile Messenger to connect to Google Talk, AIM/iChat, MSN or Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, and MySpace IM all in real time.

In addition Nimbuzz software lets you Chat, Message and BUZZ other chat users on either their desktop or mobile phone. You can chat with contacts on Nimbuzz, via MSN, Skype, GTalk and AIM messenger clients. ICQ and Yahoo will be released shortly.

People who use their cell phone to send text messages to Internet chat rooms will soon be able to rest their texting fingers with an intelligent system that lets them join in the text chat conversation by simply talking into their cell phones!

Mobile Devices Chat:

A mobile device (also known as a handheld device, handheld computer or simply handheld) is a pocket-sized computing device, typically having a display screen with touch input and/or a miniature keyboard. Recently numerous applications (apps) and programs have been created that allow you to chat by either text, voice, video, or a combination of all 3 to friends and family.

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