Live Chat with Lawyers

By Chatrooms.NET

Published: Nov 22, 2009

Have legal questions? Chat live with lawyers for free legal advice and information on a range of topics.

Join in a live chat sessions hosted by lawyers in various legal fields. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions that you most need answered as well as learning from questions other chat room users are asking.

The chat rooms cover a wide range of legal topics including;

* Bankruptcy Court
* Business Law
* Civil Rights
* Class Action Lawsuits
* Consumer Rights
* Criminal Law
* Employment
* Family Law
* Immigration Laws
* Personal Injuries
* Real Estate
* Small Claims Court
* Taxation Laws
* Trusts, Wills & Estate

Note: To increase the chances of your question being selected for answering by a lawyer, be brief. Ask the one main question you really want answered and try to limit the amount of personal detail given in the chat session.

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